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Between Talbert Ave. and Ellis Ave.
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J & S Gear offers personal service, reasonable pricing and the highest quality work, specializing in competition and street rods, muscle cars, trucks and off road vehicles. Since 1957 J & S Gear Co. has serviced and supplied differentials, gears, bearings, ring and pinion, positraction and axles for all vehicles, new, vintage, import and domestic.
They know what they are doing.  Very impressed and satisfied with the service and affordability.  Very helpful and didn't try to sell you something you didn't need.

I took my Chevy 4 wheeler in there a few weeks back. for a new ring and pinion set. Great service, good guys and extremely knowledgeable!  Would definitely recommend John's shop to anyone needing his talents!

John at J&S Gear Co is a straight-shooter.  He's also fair and does excellent work.  I took my 2005 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 to him for a full wheel bearing and pinon bearing replacement.  My truck drives smoothly again without any grinding noises!  I would recommend J&S to anyone needing differential, bearing or axle work!

I've worked with John for many years because every time I've worked with him, he's taken amazing care of everything from start to finish.  He's honest, kind, very fair priced and is just one of the best there is in the hot rod world.  Fast service too!  5 Stars!

These guys are great! I had a Ford 9" that was previously built in someone's backyard. They fixed her up perfectly. No clunks or gear noises like before. Very honest, and even showed me the old broken parts.

John is an expert at what he does and it was a pleasure dealing with him. He rebuilt my differential at a great price...less than his competitors and I have the peace of mind knowing it was done by a pro with a great reputation in the industry. Also, I had my truck back the same day. Thank you J&S Gear Co!!

Had a Toyota third member regeared for me. They left it looking better then new. Cleaned and painted. Only gear shop I will get work done from now on. Highly recommended.

I needed some gears on my 06 Nissan Titan (upgrade) I called John he said bring your truck in and should take a day or so. He installed: true trac, 4.10 Richmond gears with a PML diff. cover. I been running this set up for a year with no problems.

I have been doing business with John at J&S Gears for many years and have never been disappointed in the quality and service I have received. They have helped me with information to avoid making mistakes that would have cost a lot of money. If you’re looking for real professionals to do quality work on your vehicle. look no further. There is no one in the area that gives all these at one shop. All the guys at the shop are very friendly too.

On my first visit to J&S, it was obvious by just looking around that this shop was in the know when it came to differentials. Not only that, but I came to J&S on the recommendation of one of the biggest players in the industry. I was greeted by John right away, even though he was in the middle of another project. His experience showed as he jumped in immediately to help solve my problem and turn what I thought would be an all day project into something much shorter than expected. I think a lesser shop would have taken advantage of my situation but I left with a bill that was more than fair and additional knowledge that I believe is priceless. I had a great experience at this shop and would recommend it to any customer or friend in the area. Thanks J&S!
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Between Talbert Ave. and Ellis Ave.

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